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Call- Managing Editor- Points Blog - Subsidiary of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society

​The Alcohol and Drugs History Society is seeking a self-motivated and forward-thinker for the position of Managing Editor to run its blog, Points ( Points is the public-facing arm of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society. The blog brings together scholars and thinkers with wide-ranging expertise to produce original reflections about the history of drugs, medicines, alcohol, pharmacy, and their allied fields. Points provides a forum for exchange: of new ideas, of original insights, and of thoughtful speculations about disciplinary, professional, and intellectual boundaries and divisions. The Points blog generates thousands of readers monthly.

The Role of the Managing Editor:

  • Manages the general content of the blog, which includes soliciting contributing editors, scheduling blog posts, editing their work, and formatting and posting their work to the Points website.

  • Ensures the timely publication of blog posts.

  • Maintains compliance with copyright/IP protocols

  • Shares and promotes the work of both Points contributors and guests, as well as, the work of ADHS members and entities- including new books, members' public talks and appearances, academic conferences, and the work of the Social History of Alcohol and Drugs (SHAD), the journal of the ADHS.

  • Liaises with ADHS leadership regarding the work of Points and media outreach.


Qualifications and Experience (required):

  • Managing Editors should have a good sense of the new works and trends in the fields of alcohol and drugs history.

  • Excellent writing and editorial skills. 

  • ADHS is especially looking for someone proficient in the use of Wix, to manage the website of Points.

  • They too should be active on - and well versed with - social media, promoting Points and the work of ADHS members on twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.

  • Devote a few hours each week to keep the blog running.



  • 2 year term preferred, but negotiable

  • ADHS pays an annual stipend.



If you are interested in the Managing Editor position for Points, please send an email detailng yoru interest, along with a brief-one page CV to both Erika Dyck ( and James Bradford (

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