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The Alcohol and Drugs History Society (ADHS) is an international society of scholars working in the field of alcohol and drugs history.  It publishes The Social History of Alcohol and Drugs journal and the Points blog.

The ADHS exists to foster exchange among scholars interested in all aspect of past alcohol or drug use or control within any society. Its mission is to promote scholarship and discussions about the history of alcohol and drug use, abuse, production, trade and regulation across time and space.

The current Society was founded in 1979 and was then known as the Alcohol and Temperance History Group.  Over the following decades as the historical study of drugs increased, the decision was made in 2004 to change the name of the group to The Alcohol and Drugs History Society.  Past Presidents include: Ian Tyrrell (2004-2006), Willaim J. Rorobaugh (2006-2008), David T. Courtwright (2008-2011), Joseph Spillane (2011-13), Scott C. Martin (2013-15), Timothy J. Hickman (2016-2020).

The Society is a member of the American Historical Association (AHA) and, as such, sponsors panels with alcohol and drugs themes at the AHA conference each year.

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