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Joining the ADHS gives new members more than just a name on a member list and a subscription to an academic journal. As jurisdictions around the world begin relaxing regulations on psychoactive substances including cannabis and psychedelics, the consequences of the past call out for fresh historical scrutiny. The politics of prohibition have often influenced the history of alcohol and drugs, while scholars have examined points of contradiction, friction, resistance, and even opportunities created by restricting some substances and encouraging others. Joining the ADHS offers the opportunity to collaborate with scholars from around the world, across a myriad of disciplines, regardless of rank or stature, in exploring a transformative development between intoxicants and their role in our societies.


The ADHS offers two types of memberships: individual members and student members. Each membership type offers one-, two-, and three-year rates to best accommodate the registrant’s financial obligations. For individual members, these rates range from $40 to $120, varying by duration of the subscription. For student members, the rates range from $20 to $60, again varying by duration of the subscription. Regardless of the type, each membership includes an electronic and print subscription to The Social History of Alcohol and Drugs journal.

Please select the button below to register. This button will re-direct you to The University of Chicago Press, a distinguished academic publishing company, which hosts subscriptions for both the ADHS and The Social History of Alcohol and Drugs.

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