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The award and stipend of $1,000 is given at each biennial ADHS conference for outstanding work in the historical study of alcohol and/or drugs, as demonstrated by the completion of the Ph.D. and a proposal to turn the dissertation into a publishable monograph.

Each prize application will be evaluated for overall excellence, originality of the proposed project, the historiographic contribution of the study, the feasibility of the project plan, and the potential impact of the project on the career trajectory of the applicant.

The ADHS Dissertation Prize
Eligibility Criteria

  • We accept application packages in English, based on dissertations written in any language.

  • The Ph.D. must have been completed and the degree granted within the last two years (i.e., 2022–2024). 

  • Applicants must include a curriculum vitae, the dissertation abstract (or an English translation), a cover letter not exceeding 4 pages that explicitly outlines the main argument and includes a draft table of contents, methods or approach, contribution to historiography, and a summary of proposed changes to the dissertation for the scholarly monograph.

  • Applicants must submit completed original dissertations for reference. 

  • Applicants must also arrange for letters from two referees familiar with the dissertation to submit letters directly to the committee chair.

  • We encourage applicants to indicate whether they have received expressions of interest from publishers.

Applications are due January 1, 2024.

For inquiries, please contact:

The ADHS Dissertation Prize Committee Members (2022-2024):
Erika Dyck (chair)
Stephen Snelders
Aileen Teague

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